Ok so it's happening again. The problem with my guages flickering on and off my 2001 Gsxr 600 has returned. This is the old thread and how I thought I had fixed it here

I really don't understand what might be causing it. My first thought was perhaps that it occurs when it is hot out. I think the problem first occured towards the end of last summer. It didn't rear it's ugly head last fall or this spring, but on June 17th (which was a hot day) it started again. On tuesday it was doing it on the way to bike night, but didn't do it on the way back (when the temp had dropped a bit).

So my question is this: do you think the R/R is a likely culprit? I think I read that some hondas had a problem with the R/R overheating Might my R/R be overheating and providing unstable votages? If this were the case, would my bike still run well? Beacuse as it stands now, my bike starts and runs well even while the guage is tweaking out.

If it rains tomorrow I will take the bike apart and check the R/R with a multimeter. I'll also check the big white connector under the right fairing. Putting some dielectric grease on it seemed to fix the problem last time but maybe it was just the cooler temps that made the problem go away.

Also, does anyone know if a '01-03 Gsxr 1000 R/R will work on an '01 gsxr 600? Because I have a used one that I picked up last summer when this problem was happening. Maybe I will slap that on there and see what it does.