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Info about inline 4's and V-twins...?

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    Info about inline 4's and V-twins...?

    Hey everyone, im just trying to find out as much information I can about these engines..Basic stuff and very technical things are welcome...Are there any good websites and or books i should pick up to learn more about them. I have had a 2 stroke and a fourstroke dirt bike that i did routine oil changes, spark plug changes and valve clearance checks on the four stroke and have had 2 inline's up to date but i really havent gotten "into" them yet.

    I do the common things, change spark plugs, oil change but i havent had the courage to do anyhting like a valve check on my street bike yet. Basically im looking for any good informative website or books that could help me learn more about these engines. How they work, what makes them move. Thanks guys. I know this is a general question, but i appreciate all the suggestions. Thanks.


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    Info about inline 4's and V-twins...?

    check out the sportbike performance handbook. I learned a ton from that book.

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    Info about inline 4's and V-twins...?

    There used to be a great resource for automotive information on a website called "Autozine". However it seems to have disappeared.

    Most of the pages seem to be collected here, however there doesn't appear to be an index

    I take that back:

    Ok, so it doesn't seem to have any bike specific information, not really what you were looking for. Still a good read tho

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    Info about inline 4's and V-twins...?

    dude, you rule, I was in mourning over that page, it was so useful when somebody'd ask a question I didn't have the time to explain...

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