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New tools are always cool!

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    New tools are always cool!

    The boys in brown came to my house today and dropped off a package.

    I got me a Parts Unlimited wheel balancing/trueing stand. I'm very impressed with the construction of it. It looks like its gonna last a good long while. Very rugged looking.

    Finally, I have assembled all the tools I need to change out tires all by my lonesome! No more running around to friends houses (Tabby) to change out tires... or paying (GASP!) the shop to put the new sneakers on.

    Ah yes... Life is good. The sun shown for the first time in 9 days here in Rochester NH... new tools arriving...

    Oh yeah... almost forgot. I got my SS brake lines in today as well. Those will be going on tomorrow after work. Maybe a coupe of these while I'm at it:

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    New tools are always cool!

    nice. have fun with the new toys.

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    New tools are always cool!

    Sweet dude! that'll sure make it easier on the wallet in the long run huh.

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