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AM #396 - Round 7 Race Report

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    Cool AM #396 - Round 7 Race Report

    So a few weeks prior I took the bike over to John at Dyno Solutions in Brookfield Ct. Nothing was wrong but just like going to the doctors its alway good to get a check up..... She's still pulling as hard and putting down just as much power as she did two years ago

    A fun still shot

    John playing around

    With the weather I decide to skip practice and just keep it easy in the rain for my first race the in GTU

    Amateur GTU - Race 3 Wave 2 Grid 12B
    Too wet for DOTs and too dry for rains, I said I would rather shag my rains and be safe. I entered turn 1 in dead last because I wanted to take it easy on the launch and avoid a possible T1 disaster. Traction felt great and I could tell everyone was very timid about the track conditions. I gained a total of 5 positions, 13th place in 4 laps. On my fifth lap I was kissing the rear tire of the next guy, he was holding me up tremendously and I couldn't gain safe clearance to pass. As we enter turn 10 I decided to show him a front wheel and pass through...... Into turn 11 I gave my inside (left bar) to much input and sent it into a graceful low side. It was poor judgment on my part I could have easily waited till after the flop and taken him on the straight. I gave the corner workers the thumbs up, they help me get the bike up and hopped back on her to finish the race. Loosing a minute of time I ended up finishing 17th out of 18
    Best lap 1:28.778

    Surprisingly the bike crashed VERY well. The Woodcraft products did their job flawlessly. There wasn't even a scratch on the body work! A bent slider bolt and some light rash to the stator slider, clip on, peg, and handle bar.

    After my race I could tell I wasn't riding right my shoulders and arms were fatigued

    Amateur Grand Prix - Race 12 Wave 2 Grid 10D
    On my first lap I could tell I was doing the same thing again pressing too hard and using more input than I should. Into my second lap entering T1 I flicked the bike in to sharply and low sided into T1. I jumped up and wanted to hoop back on and finish but the clutch lever rotated and it was to tight to rotate back up. Unfortunately as I stood there two more gentlemen decided to join me on the sidelines
    Out Lap 1:40.686

    Of course the slider bolt I just replaced did not fair well again however the body work suffered a decent crack along the nose due to an impact into a cone.

    Sunday Practice
    It was very cold but dry. I took it easy the first few laps and tried to loosen up. Unfortunately others decided to go balls out and we had four or five crashes in practice, two happened right in front of me in 1a. Which didn't help me in the loosening up department.

    Amateur Middleweight Supersport - Race 6 Wave 2 Grid 11A
    I was happy to be on a dry track however once again I couldn't get into my grove, reference points were out the window and once again I was using my arms too much :headwall:. I knew my times would be horrendous to say the least
    Finished 17th
    Best Lap 1:24.240

    Amateur Middleweight Superbike - Race 12 Wave 2 Grid ?
    I slightly fell back into a grove getting back into my shift and brake markers which made for a better times however once again a felt very tense and still using my arms too much. I ended up gaining a bunch of positions in the end when a wall of AMs got in the way of the Experts in 10-12; when the Experts punched though it allowed me to swoop though the openings they left behind.
    Finished 16th
    Best Lap 1:22.372

    Im not sure if it was the lack of me not being in the saddle for over a month or knowing it was going to rain but this weekend didn't feel right. I was a rough round for me and not the way I would have liked to finish the season but even Valentino has rough days.

    Ill post up a formal end of year report with my final results when I get some more time

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    Re: AM #396 - Round 7 Race Report

    I was extremely impressed with the amount of focus you displayed this weekend Matt.

    You had a couple tip overs that could have completely derailed someone's weekend and you were there racing the last race on Sunday. It might not have been a "great weekend" for you, but I was extremely impressed by your ability to push through.

    Nice job showing a noob how to do it.

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    Re: AM #396 - Round 7 Race Report

    What you showed this weekend is what separates the men from the boys. Pushing through adversity is a skill that very few people have. Run with it, use it, and come back kicking even more ass in 2015

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