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RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Rd 2 2018

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    RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Rd 2 2018

    tl;dr: RAIN

    2017 and Round 1

    I bumped to AM between Rd 6 and 7 of 2017. Had a bunch of fun racing with some old/new faces. Got 4th place in my very first AM race. Had fun. I didn't post a race report because honestly I lost track of time and forgot.

    Off-season was pretty uneventful, and I ended up skipping Rd 1 to prepare for a trip to Scotland with Missy. On to Rd 2!


    Ran a bunch of errands. Picked up my new helmet from Manchester Honda KTM (Thanks Mo!!). Another Bell Race Star, this time in matte black. You can see the carbon fiber through it. SO freaking cool!


    Was ready to leave by 1PM. Trailer decided that wasn't going to happen. Spent 30-45 minutes trying to figure out why my trailer lights weren't working. Said screw it, its daylight out, we're going anyway. Lights ended up turning on once we hit the highway. No idea... lol. Picked up some new numbers from Mad Scientist Moto to replace the ones on my broken windscreen and for my new lid.

    Got to the track and pulled my wheels off to put some brand new rubber on. My very first non-takeoff set of race tires. Opted to go for the Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slicks because I have a SB front end, so why not. Thanks MTAG Pirelli!

    Had the usual Brookside takeout for dinner.


    Weather was looking fine for the morning, chilly, but clear. I swapped to my smoke shield and on my way out to first practice the freaking button flew off the right side making my shield come loose. I went back to the garage to try and fix it and ended up missing practice. Couldn't find all the parts so I popped one out of my spare clear shield and got it into the smoke shield so I could make it out to second practice. Second practice was good. Shook out the cobwebs and managed to hit a 1:29. Not horrible for my first time riding this year. The brand new tires were a hoot as well!

    After lunch it began to rain, and basically did so for the rest of the day. There were some races where it was drizzly, but luckily for my races there was enough water to warrant rain tires. Races were also shortened to 6 laps.

    Race 7 - AM LWGP

    Gridded 7D (2nd Wave - 2nd Row). Rain was falling pretty good by now. I got a killer start and ended up 2nd into T1. Right at the flop to T1a #343 Rob Pease sneaked right in under me. And because T2 is infamously glass in the rain I backed off in that turn and 3-4 riders got around me. Also my drive going up the hill needs some work because #329 Mike Giossi got by me headed into the bowl. That's pretty much where I stayed for the rest of the race. Times were consistent with rain races for me so I'll take it.

    9th of 11
    Outlap: ???
    Best lap: 01:40.943

    Race 10 - AM ULSB

    Gridded 6C (2nd Wave - 2nd Row). It was a total downpour at this point. Start was great again, but so was everyone else's. I almost got the pull on Rob again but he had the better drive this time (nice work dude!) and almost the entire grid got me in T1. I stayed in 7th for the rest of the race. I was starting to get tired as well so my times were WAY off. Rob ended up killing it and I think he was in 1st the whole race. Congrats!

    7th of 8
    Outlap: ???
    Best lap: 01:48.217

    Missy and I had planned to grill that night but it was still pouring so we got a pizza from Brookside and chilled in the garage. Also went to the awards ceremony, which is held in North Garage 7 when its raining. Ended up tucking in early due to the crap weather.


    Woke up to much better weather and swapped back to the dry tires just in time to head out for practice. It was a bit damp still so I was apprehensive about pushing it. Times were ok.

    Race 3 - AM LWSB

    Gridded 3C. Terrible start, felt like crap the whole race. Need to adopt a fitness program lol. I didn't end up finishing last though!

    10th of 12
    Outlap: 01:36.081
    Best lap: 01:31.331

    Dealt with some hurdles but a great weekend overall. Broke through some cobwebs, so hopefully I show up to The Classic with a vengeance.

    Some thanks to be had; My awesome teammates RSP Racing; My amazing sponsors, MTAG Pirelli, Mad Scientist Moto, GMD Computrack Boston, Tony's Track Days, Knox, Woodcraft, Armor Bodies, and Brunetto Tshirts; Manchester Honda KTM for getting me the gear and parts I need. All the amazing staff at the track, registration, the officials, flaggers, corner workers, and EMTs. You all make this place run like a top and keep us safe! Last but not least Missy (and Jamie!) for helping me out trackside!

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    Re: RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Rd 2 2018

    👍👍 Good job dude

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