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Pc3 programmer

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    Pc3 programmer

    I was trying to update the firmware on my new to me pc3 last night and the update failed, now I have zero communication with it and can't even do a reset. After scouring the web for many hours it appears I need to reinstall the firmware with a programmer (that is apparently included with most ignition modules) or send it to dynojet.

    From what I read online this seems to be a very common occurrence and I can't understand why dynojet wouldn't put a big warning message when you download the update

    I've called a bunch of local shops and none even seem to know what I'm talking about. Does anyone here have one of these elusive devices, it goes in between the 9v battery and the white plug.

    I would be open to buy, rent or borrow.

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    Re: Pc3 programmer

    I've got one, they are $40 + S&H from Dynojet (PN HD-REV) if you want to own your own. Dynojet likes to gouge hard on shipping little items like that...

    Unfortunately you're not exactly in my neck of the woods or I'd just try and sort your PC3 for ya. :/ Any interest in visiting NHMS in a couple weeks?

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