I need an SV1000 front wheel, ideally silver color. I believe the following GSXR wheels interchange:
GSX-R 600 K1-K5
GSX-R 750 K0-K5
GSX-R 1000 K1-K4

I am planning to use it for grafting a K2 GSX-R 750 front end onto an 04 SV650. I have everything (forks, rotors, calipers, ...) except the front wheel.

Other suggestions that would work with this setup welcome.

There seem to be plenty of cheap ($120-ish) K5+ GSXR wheels on ebay, even brand new ones. The stock rotors are 310mm, and I would need 320mm. I thought about going this route, but aftermarket 320mm rotors seem more expensive than buying a used wheel from SV1K or older gixxer.