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No bueno!! Subaru Specialties (Scott Dana Boyd)

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    Re: No bueno!! Subaru Specialties (Scott Dana Boyd)

    Couple more ads.

    Curious.....when did we change to 11 digits in the US phone number structure?

    What's funny about the 3rd ad is, he was "selling" an Outback a few weeks ago with nearly the exact wording.


    Is it time to replace your Subaru's head gaskets - $1200 (Hebron)

    We are offering our head gasket replacement service at a special rate this week $1200 thats a $150 savings. Service includes:
    2 new head gaskets
    timing belt
    water pump
    front oil seals
    thermostat, coolant flush
    oil change
    valve cover seals
    spark plug tube seals
    Heads are cleaned and machined to specifications. This service is for 2.5 liter single cam engines not turbo models and cover years 2000_2012 for Outbacks and Legacys 2000-2010 Forester and Impreza.

    ================================================== ====

    Expert Subaru service - $55 (Barre)

    We have been servicing Subaru's for 37 years and repair anything form brakes to turbos. Whole engine replacements, timing belt replacement we do it all. Give us a call at 802-249-7266 or 802-2522-8001 to set up an appointment.

    ================================================== =====

    2008 Subaru Forester sweet car - $3650 (West Hartfortd)

    Selling our 2008 Subaru forester with automatic transmission and all wheel drive ready for the upcoming ice and snow of winter. At this point the car needs nothing, everything works as it should from the all wheel drive system up to the huge sunroof. Mechanically up to date with the following maintenance being done in the last 8k miles:
    both head gaskets replaced and head machined
    timing belt
    water pump
    front and rear oil seals
    valve cover gaskets
    spark plug tube gaskets
    exhaust and manifold gaskets
    coolant flush
    new wheel bearings
    catalytic converters
    Runs perfect gets 27 mpg. Exhaust is quiet, brakes do not pull left or right and no vibration in the pedal. tires have over 9/32 tread left. New emergency brake shoes installed. All lights work, all glass intact. No check engine lights on.
    Interior is clean, nice heated leather seats, upgraded stereo system. The body is clean, no rust or dents and the undercarriage is clean also. Overall it's ready to go for many miles. Asking below KBB value for private party sales at $3650 please call my cell at 802-249-7266 located in west Hartford.
    =========================================================================== ======================================

    Subaru timing belt replacement - $1200 (Amiston)

    Before your timing belt lets go and ruins your engine get it replaced and save frustration and a good deal of money.
    We replace your timing belt, timing belt tensioner, front cam shaft seals, crankshaft seal, water pump and thermostat, flush your coolant system and change your oil for $450 please call 802-249-7266
    =========================================================================== =====================================

    Subaru parts - $1 (Barre)

    Lots of good quality used Subaru parts, hoods, fenders, bumpers, doors, rear hatches, transmissions, engines. body prices according to condition, hoods $25-100, fenders $25-75, rear hatch $50-125. We can install parts for a very nice price.

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