Here you can see my 30 dollar harbor freight rear stand in action as well. Also a purchase I would recomend.

So I actually picked one of these up last year specifically to do my forks, but I never got around to that till last month. Anyways I just wanted to put up my thoughts. First of the handle section is actually two pieces. If you watch the video you can see 2 big nuts about half way down from the handle to the 90 degree braced bends. This really sketched me out when I got it as it seems like a major weak point. However in actual use I was quite pleasantly suprised to find that the stand did its job perfectly. It completely cleared all the body work and the pin fit perfect, loose enough that it went in pretty easily, tight enough that it felt very sturdy and didn't have alot of play.

Cheap head lift stand off ebay.-467108_3782911609686_1183841166_3683147_308359219_o-jpg

Honestly I didn't expect alot from this stand. I bought it because I figured If it just worked enough that I could do my own fork service once it would pay for itself. Its obviously no pitbull, I wouldn't want to use it on a big heavy touring bike. But on a sub 450lb 600 id say it works just fine. And I have no reservations about continuing to use it for further work. My fiance actually sat on the bike while it was up on the stands, and they were both perfectly fine, although my fat ass probably would have broken them if I tried.

Any ways in conclusion no pitbull lol. I would still like to get a pitbull at some point just for the piece of mind. But for someone that needs a stand for normal light duty work and is on a budget I highly recomend it.