I know this might be outside the area of most of you guys, but I wanted to post it up anyways. Good work deserves a positive review. I hired a guy from Cornerstone Electric in South Windsor, CT. His name is Andrew and he's a licensed and insured E1. When we bought our house, the guy who lived in it was a total hack. I did a lot of renovating in the house and cleaning up shoddy work upstairs. Mostly insulation, sheetrock, flooring and stuff like that in the main living space. But our finished basement and garage were almost untouched. We hired him to basically inspect and overhaul our entire electrical system. There were wires twisted together, open junction boxes with no wire nuts or covers, circuits spliced into others, lots of dangerous stuff that was way outside my comfort zone. We had several areas in the house where it looked like someone took 20 feet of romex, balled it up, stripped wire back and stuffed it into a drop ceiling. Almost all of it was missed by our home inspector.

Over the course of the renovation he was extremely easy to work with, polite, professional, no scummy upselling, no unnecessary work to drive up labor or any of that nonsense. There was no "I have to run to the supply house" either. He was on time, up front, explained all his work in layman's terms for me and we passed our inspection easily. He arrived each day with all the material he needed and worked efficiently. If anyone in CT needs an electrician I can't recommend his company enough. He is a one man operation but knows his shit inside and out.