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Canaan this Weekend - calling LRRS Racers, Track Day Riders & Women's group riders

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    Canaan this Weekend - calling LRRS Racers, Track Day Riders & Women's group riders

    We're looking forward to another great event this weekend at Canaan, and there are great reasons for everyone to attend!

    NESBC on Saturday: NESBC is for all riders. Of course there are the purse paying motard and F300 races that produce great competition and attract top riders. We've also got our Intermediate classes for Nov/Am racers who want to get out and have a good time and race for some trophies (and some awesome year end championship prizes). But the main focus is on the Street Bike classes, which are just for pure fun (although there are year and prizes as well). Come find out why everyone comes out to the wall on Saturday afternoons, cheer for their friends, and always walk away with a big smile. There's a real sense of community here that's hard to describe - come on out and join the fun!

    LRRS Riders: Do you need help with body position? A vast majority of riders can drop times and increase both safety and feel by freeing up traction mid corner. The TOUGH part is having the discipline to slow down enough to practice proper technique. We find that when riders hit the track at Loudon, even when it's not a race day, that it can be hard for them to not constantly be checking lap times. We've had real success in the past by taking riders to other venues (where the "pressure" to go fast is lower) where they can put in the laps needed to burn proper body position and inputs into their muscle memory. Then, when they head back to Loudon it's much easier to put into practice.

    Track Day Riders: Come out and ride one of the safest and technically challenging layouts in the Northeast. Canaan is all about the corners! There is both increasing and decreasing radius, uphill and downhill, fast and tight, positive and off camber turn. As with all Penguin events, the very few walls are protected with airfence, and the remainder of the facility offers nice runoff everywhere. Plus, you'll have access to our fantastic staff who can help make you a faster & safer rider!

    Women's Group: Sunday will feature a special Women's classroom group, led by a pair of fantastic Penguin female coaches. You'll be riding together with the newest Penguin riders, and your coaches will be with you all day both on and off the track.

    SIGN UP HERE: Penguin Road Racing School - July 15-16 Canaan New Hampshire

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    Re: Canaan this Weekend - calling LRRS Racers, Track Day Riders & Women's group rider

    Good time, never miss it!

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