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We need your help growing our sport!

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    We need your help growing our sport!

    As many of you might be aware, Penguin is going to run an "Under 500cc" group on Sunday of the next Canaan event (June 3rd) to provide an opportunity for some pretty important groups of riders to come try our sport. We've been looking at some data about our industry, and I thought I might share some portions of it with everyone here. The average age of a motorcycle rider has changed quite a bit since I started. Here are some hard numbers published by a leading organization in the industry:

    Median Age of a Motorcyclist:
    • 1990 - 32 years old
    • 1998 - 38 years old
    • 2009 - 40 years old
    • 2014 - 45 years old

    Good news - women riders have increased from 6% of the market in 1990 to 14% of the the market in 2014. However, younger riders have dropped off quite precipitously. Over the last few decades the percentage of riders under the age of 25 overall has dropped from 24% to 8%.

    Our "Under 500cc" group at Canaan has been created to provide a place for the population of riders need most in our sport. Small bikes are by far the strongest sport bike segment now, and new riders, female riders and younger riders is where our future growth is going to come from. Whether you support Penguin or any other track group out there - thank you, and it's my hope that all of us who truly love this sport will join together and work to bring these new riders to the track. Many studies have shown that riders who participate in track days, racing or any similar group are more passionate, stay in the sport longer and are a key source to attract other riders. If you know someone who you think might enjoy this day at Canaan (or any other day) please invite them to come with you. You'll not only be introducing a friend to one of the greatest sports on Earth, but you'll be helping to ensure the future of our sport as well.

    Please take a look at the flyer attached. If you think of someone who might enjoy this kind of day, place invite them to come along. If you can't make this day - share the flyer anyway and bring them to another track day , race, minim moto or any other organized event on 2 wheels where they can meet a group of people passionate about our sport. Thanks in advance for any and all help, and I hope that everyone has a great 2018!
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