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Penguin Friday Information

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    Penguin Friday Information

    This is a quick guide if you are coming to the track on a Friday. We normally give this out to students, but I thought it might be helpful to post here.

    All schools events run rain or shine!

    Registration: Opens typically at 7:00 in the Penguin Garage (North Garage #1)
    Tech Inspection: Opens typically at 7:15. Bring your motorcycle, your helmet and your registration slip to Garage #7.
    Opening Meeting: Starts right at 8:00. Bring your packet or notebook and a pen or pencil.
    Morning Classes/Track Sessions: All groups will be alternating between the classroom and the racetrack
    Afternoon Classes/Track Sessions: All groups will be alternating between the classroom and the racetrack. All students will have the chance for photo review in the John Owens Garage (the back side of Tech Garage #7). We will have optional 1 on1 time with every group during these afternoon sessions. Please see Steve Aspland or Skip Kelleher on pit lane to be set up with an instructor.

    Stuff to Bring
    In addition to your gear, motorcycle and an eagerness to learn, there are a few things that you can bring along that will help you get the most out of your days with us. These are not all required, but experience has shown them to be helpful

    Stands, Tire Warmers and Tire Pressure Gauge
    A selection of tools common to your bike, duct tape and zip ties
    Under Armour style riding undergarments, a couple extra changes of clothes, plus a towel and toiletries (there are showers on site)
    Snacks and water/Gatorade
    A notebook and writing utensil. We provide some material for you to work with, but many students like to make lots of notes. There will be more information provided than you can possibly use in a day or two, so notes will help your future track endeavors.

    Services Available
    Tires: Dunlop is available for tire changes all school day. They are located in the garages that are closest to turn 10 on the racetrack. Penguin has a special deal for students, offering several grades of tires to students for $220/set, including trackside mount & balance (students must remove the wheels). NEW for 2012: If you have a big bike (600cc or bigger) we have added a special set of tires to this event, a combination of a US GPA Front and a large British 211GPA rear (normally $350 by itself) for the same $220.
    Trackside Goods: Street and Competition is set up at the entrance to the paddock and has a large selection of hard parts and consumables common to all makes of track bikes.
    Camping: Students are welcome to camp in the infield on Thursday night. The camping fee to stay in the infield is $25 and is payable to the track at the Sign In window when you arrive.
    Lunch: Lunch is available for purchase in the Smoke Shack restaurant in the infield (across from the classrooms) for all students.

    Track Map
    Green Line: This is your path into the track. You will have to stop at the front gate to sign in, tell them that you are there for Penguin and they will guide you in. Follow the road through the tunnel and drive all the way into the far side of the paddock (it is easier than it appears on the map). The Penguin Garage is the #1 Garage in the North Paddock.
    Red Buildings: These are the enclosed garages. Most students park in the blue area near the North Garages (the two red buildings on the far side of the speedway). We suggest that you occupy the garages that are in the cluster near the Penguin Garage, as opposed to the "center garages" which the green line on the map passes by. There will be some racers who show up in the afternoon who rent the garages for the weekend, so you may have a little extra company in the garage in the afternoon. However, these racers are accustomed to this process and you will be fine to stay there until the end of the day.
    Blue Areas: There are parking areas used by those who are used by those in the garages.
    Purple Areas: These are parking areas open to everyone, but are usually for riders who are camping all weekend. The only down side to this area is that the PA system is not always good in this area.

    Penguin Friday Information-student-map-jpg

    Thanks - we look forward to a great day at the track!

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    Re: Penguin Friday Information

    Eric, how many sessions do the Advanced Class students typically get on the track ?

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    Re: Penguin Friday Information

    Typically, they get six riding the track walk and all the classroom stuff.

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