The most fun you've ever had at a track day - NESBC Races-

What's better than teaming up with friends at a Track Day?-nesbc-pregrid-2016-jpg)

Saturday and Sunday events at Canaan: Register HERE for the lowest prices on both the track day and racer practices.

NESBC - Sportsman Racing for track days with purse money, prizes & FUN!

If you haven't heard, Penguin's NESBC Series is a track day that includes all the track time and instruction opportunity Penguin is know for, with the added fun of a "race" at the end of the day. It's the beer-league, fun stuff that everyone likes to do, and we've got a couple serious classes (Formula 300 and Motard) thrown in that have purse money. The idea is to get riders of all levels working together for fun, and there's some cool stuff up for grabs at the end of the year fro the winners. Teams of up to four riders come together (plus an optional non-riding mentor) and put all their points together. The catch is that you can only collect points in one class per team. In other words, you want riders at different levels (F300/Motard Experts, AM/NOV racers and Street riders) working together. If you don't have a team, don't worry - there will be a big "Team Formation" meeting at lunchtime in June where everyone gets together. Here are some other bonuses.

Form Teams (Championship Team Wins $1500)

Win Killer Prizes for Class Championships - and Arai Corsair X Helmet, a Bazzaz Fi Management System, Hindle, Garmin Camera etc..)
Win Purse Money for Race Classes (Formula 300 & Motard) - $450, $300, $200, $100, $50

Street Bike classes are run in Track Day trim - nothing extra required!
Free Class Entry in all but the purse paying classes, and no license fees.

Details on purse here: Penguin Road Racing School - NESBC Purse Money & Prizes
Team Mentor program details here - TEAM MENTOR PROGRAM

Low stress, good times and a great opportunity to learn. Riding together with friends on a team is the very best kind of fun. If you've ever been on the "fence" with trying a race, NESBC is exactly what you're looking for. Plus, you'll get to watch two real races each day on entry level bikes that provide an inexpensive way to get into the world of racing.

For information, please email with any questions.NESBC LOGO 2.psdNESBC LOGO 2.psdNESBC LOGO 2.psdNESBC LOGO 2.psd