If there are any racers out there considering the2019 Yamaha R3 - or even a street rider who wants some clipons, please reach out to us.

Clipons - We are looking for a stock bike to test the fitment of clipons / risers on. The R3 has a new size fork to grab on to, and before we go making something we'd like to understand what works best. This would be a 1 hour fitup and then we'd be good to go ahead and make the new parts. Anyone bringing a bike to Woodcraft would get a complimentary set of clipons

Race Plastic - We are looking for a racer who wants 3 sets of bodywork in exchange for allowing us to use your OEM parts for molds. The 3 sets can be for ANY bike (not limited to the R3).

Interested parties please email us at info@woodcraft-cfm.com or give Eric a call at 978-297-2977