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Let's Give A Big NESR Welcome To Steve!!

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    Kosher Assassin Stoneman's Avatar
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    May 2001
    Center Barnstead, NH

    Let's Give A Big NESR Welcome To Steve!!

    Hey there, Stevie boy!! Glad you finally made it over!!

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    Did you grit your teeth and try to look like Clint Fuckin' Eastwood?
    Or did you lisp it all hangfisted like a fuckin' flower?

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    Let's Give A Big NESR Welcome To Steve!!

    Hey Jay, thxs alot man. This does look like a good thang, and I ain't missin out. Life's too short,eh. Lookin forward to doin some serious ridin soon. I'm gettin the urge. Yesterday was perfect and the beast was runnin sweet. Hell, I didn't even mind the heavy shower I had to ride through to get home.

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    Let's Give A Big NESR Welcome To Steve!!


    Glad you made it over here. Looking forward to riding with you and Margie ASAP.

    What is UP with this ridiculous RAIN? Every day, there's some danger of these silly thunderstorms. There are many good things about New England, but the weather isn't one of them!

    Anyway, welcome! We're glad you are here!

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    2000 YZF-R1
    1999 Ducati 996 S
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