This is just my thoughts behind investing crypto. I didnt do it hardcore like lots of people but i did well.

To me i played crypto as a game. I assumed that money was lost. Its so volitile that your money can go quick. Its also harder to predict than stocks and trades all around the clock which is something to be very aware of. I used money that didnt matter to me and i think thats important with crypto. You can go to sleep and be broke then while sleeping become rich and when you wake up your broker than before because it spiked then crashed.

Bitcoin did me well. I feel like its played out but it still surprises me both with it highs and how quickly it can shed that. Made plenty of us millionaires several fold.
Eth seems like a good second. Not as crazy of a ride. Made a few of my friends millionaires.
Trx looks to make my friends millionaires shortly
Doge did well but i think is too influenced by musk. A late night drunken tweet by him can and has killed or boomed it. This is the one that i would worry about while sleeping. A few of my friends would have been millionaires with it but stayed in and lost out.
Ltc i have done well with. Its a slow mover though which i kind of liked. I dont know anyone who has made millions but i know plenty who have made several hundred percent profit on it.

I still prefer to invest mostly in stocks with dividends. Thats always been a bit of my long haul game. Get that going well so you can switch over to coins i think. That way dripping is doing the stock buying for you, like autopilot.

You say you have an e fund. I would do another fund to make sure you had access to quick cash to rapid invest if need be. Just hold on to it and make sure you can get to it easily if we see a market crash. I considered mine as an extention of my e fund but used it as play money i guess. It did me well having access to quick cash. That account was linked to all my investing accounts so i didnt have to fumble around getting the cash quickly. I didnt use to buy on a whim though, it was only used during deep drops in whatever i was investing in.

As always cash is king. The horrors stories i have seen of friends and coworkers putting everything into coins or stocks or whatever only to lose it all makes me want to vomit. I made sure i had lots of cash safely in a bank then started investing heavily. A bit backwards but there is freedom in that. A poor investment choice didnt mean i wasnt eating tomorrow.