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Forest Harvesting ?s

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    Re: Forest Harvesting ?s

    If it were me Id sell the land well actually I was you and did sell but it wasnt my primary residence and like others said after cutting you either need to clean up and reseed ($$) or the land will be beat. Even if you are spot cutting I think too. We did a big cut last year and saved for reseeding but ended up putting the 160 acre land for sale and it sold just last month over asking. All pines and in NC. Good luck!Forest Harvesting ?s

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    Re: Forest Harvesting ?s

    Quote Originally Posted by nhbubba View Post
    Is there a market for this? I have probably 20 or so 18" or greater diameter pines I wouldn't miss. I've been picking at them over the last few years but have run out of use for the trunks and have enough camp wood for a lifetime or so.
    I've been contacted by a couple guys. Ask around about them and they have bad reputations for leaving a mess. I have a house in the middle of it too so someone I trust won't land one of them on the house would be nice as well.

    Everyone I know pays to have trees removed. Last time I hired the local favorite guy he shredded all the pine and dumped the chips out back.

    One of my neighbors insists the oak we have is worth a "fortune" for veneer. That guy often turns out to have no idea wtf he's talking about.
    My parents just paid upwards of 10k to have 13 large trees removed from the property last year. The operation involved holding them up and then lifting them over the house with a crane because they were too tall to drop on the property.
    They offered no difference in price to take or leave the wood, so they had them leave a couple big oak logs because we have some friends who heat with wood stoves, but they drove off with 2 truckloads of hardwood. seems like a crazy ripoff, but I was away while it happened so I had no say in anything. I do wish we kept more of the wood though, we turned down probably 6 neighbors who came over and asked if they could have some (after 10 years of living on the same street and never even introducing themselves).

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