i was just gonna take my bike out and as i was getting ready, my roomate went out to the garage to warm up his new used fizzer and his fork seal just blew... literally, a pool of fork oil got out in the garage and made a mess. as i was talking to him about it, the guy that bought the RF from me called and said he just crashed it. ... the poor RF.

he couldn't make it around a turn in a rotary and did a low speed crash into a guardrail and busted up the fender and brakes and apparently the clip on is busted off too.

now he is trying to find a way to get it home and i dont have a way to help.

this sux. i knew he needed to take it easy, he was pushing to much, trying to be a rider over night. but i didn't want to harp on him too much and be the dick. now i know i either have to be the dick or learn to deal with knowing i sold a kid a bike that cant ride and would probably hurt himself. he is ok this time, i hope he learns a bit and chills out til the MSF course.

so i am going to leave the priller home tonight. i dont need any more bad karma with that thing.