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    Senior Member JJ's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
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    I just wanted to say thanks to everybody with info on leathers and helmets etc. Some of it seemed kinda harsh but some good points were made and it made me buy a suit and gloves and will be getting a matching helmet soon. To be honest last Sat was the first time I've really rode with people that wear helmets and leathers in 6 years of riding. But all the sqwaking on the Sun ride post made me think a little. So I think its good to preach but don't belittle, if people don't want to wear them they will learn the hard way. I guess maybe I have been lucky for now. So I just wanted to thank everyody and maybe I can get te people I usually ride with to change their minds. Oh its a technic chicane 2 pc greenblackwhite with matching gloves for $300 from new enough if you were wondering. So next time we ride I should have my leathers.

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    Sweet shit, JJ. While I'm not shy about bestowing the virtues of good gear, I try not to preach or belittle anyone about it. Good call though, and some sweet gear for an awesome price. I rode gearless for YEARS. But as me & my budz got older and started riding better (yes, I said better) and pushing harder, folks around me started wadding their bikes. Then I started hangin' around NHIS for the bike races and saw how much safer the gear made ya. Needless to say, I'm fully outfitted now and I'll be adding some full-perf stuff or some cool textile...

    And one look at my leather jacket last weekend, and you woulda seen first hand how well leather works!

    Good call!

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    Meriden CT

    i'm from ct and been riding a long time

    allways wore my helmet most guys i ride with dont most of the time leather sill aint got no pants got me 1 of thoes cool tex jackets now like it 2 its cool got old scuffed up helmets 2 show ya 2 down doing stupid squid things & dirt riding i tell ya it feels safer riding when you have gear on all buttoned up man its sweet 2 me

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    hey, JJ, good to hear, man!

    twas nice ta meetcha on saturday... hope to do it again soon.

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    Remember your own words as you come full cirlce like we have JJ.

    I come down once, then back off. When you have the thought in your head about wearing your gear, it's hard to shake.

    The smart ones do what you did.
    The others, some aren't alive anymore.

    I say: Good for you JJ, good for you.

    Now when you get better, we'll start bitching about getting to the track!

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    Shit man...

    Sounds like you got an *awesome* deal. Enjoy the gear... the peace of mind and comfort might make you ride better.


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