Hi all, I'm Dan. I ride a 2006 636, that I've owned for about 4 years. I've recently realized I don't have any good pictures of it. So here's a bad one (don't mind the peeling wrap, I'm trying plastidip this year)

After an unfortunate incident last June that totaled my parked M3, I lucked out with that great summer we had for having only a motorcycle as transportation. Put over 5k on it, bringing it to over 19,000 miles, and crossed the threshold where I've now ridden the majority of the miles on it. I got to the track for the first time in October for Fishtails last day of the season and had a blast. Hope to get to go a couple times again this year, maybe try a different track.

Looking forward to meeting some new riding friends, as I don't have many people to ride with now!