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1999 KLR 250, $1600

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    1999 KLR 250, $1600


    Yep that's right, I've kept it all of about two months...lol... In trying to be honest with myself, I don't think I'm gonna find the time to ride it. And I could certainly use another foot of space in the garage.

    99 KLR 250, 3837 miles. I've ridden it all of about 19 miles total...
    Did a valve check/adjustment and rebuilt the carb with all new parts (except jets) at 3820. I don't know when the spark plug, air filter, or oil change was last done. When I got it, it was kind of a bitch to kick (it's kick-only, but does have all the other parts of a normal street bike...key, lights, horn, etc), and leaked a little gas. After the carb rebuild and valve adjustment, no more leaks, and you can pretty much kick it with your hand.

    Full disclosure: two problems. It kind of falls on its face at highway speeds, and doesn't want to idle off choke it seems. The first problem, I've been told, should be rectified by a new spark plug and air filter. The second problem, could be either the idle jet got clogged post-carb clean, or I simply need to adjust the idle screw. I've literally had no time to address either problem since I noticed them, but would be happy to try to rectify either/both before you got it if you wanted. I'm sure they're simple fixes.

    It was worth $1600 to me when I traded for it two months ago. I'd like to get that; it's a very clean bike.

    I can't find the pics I have of it online; but I'll take some if there's interest.

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