Just making a quick post in case someone is looking.

I got an extra set with my car purchase and I'm debating putting them on or not. I have a good amount of meat on the current all season tires... and I've been fine with all season tires forever. It would be nice to put on the winter tires.. but at the same time if I can sell them for some $$ I would be happier to just get new summer tires for next season.

Don't know for sure that they have TPMS.. I assume yes.. the stems look like they are the right ones.

Elbrus 17" wheels that look like winter wheels.. dinged up here and there. The history of the car being CPO to me seems like they are with TPMS and in true form since there was a lot of highway miles.

Michelin Alpin rubber, tread looks good.. can't find my depth gauge right now but I'm looking for interest first.

ASKING price: $650 obro

225/50r17 size