This is a little older machine, probably 8-10 years old. Works well with a couple small issues.
1. The auto steepness was not working when I took it apart. But I found a wire not connected in the base, so that might be the issue, not sure though. I really never noticed a difference between having that operating or not, but I wasn't a hardcore elliptical guru.
2. The adjust buttons on the right arm pole were not working. Found the wires were sheared when I disassembled it. The ones on the computer face work fine, these were secondary. And I'm sure those wires could be fixed.

This thing has a pretty long stride to it, and it has a decent flywheel weight. It has some dots of rust on it, which are odd. But it looks good, can barely notice them.
I currently have this thing apart for moving. If you are interested and want to try it, I can assemble in the garage and you can give it a whirl. But I am not going to assemble until someone shows up. It'll only take 10 minutes to get it in a position of operation, all the plastic covers is what takes forever.

It's going on CL for $100, NESR price $75 obo. And by all means, if this is out of line, let me know, I know nothing about the used coat hanger market.