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2008 Riding Season Goals

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    Re: 2008 Riding Season Goals


    stop being a Fat - ASS and lose 50lbs yeah right
    take the track bike to the set up doctor Kates!!!! what a difference
    update the suspesion on both bikes done one so far
    practice body position with bikes on stands in garage ummm boooorrrrring
    ROOK race in april or august which evercomes first
    VIR in early April (ROAD TRIP, anyone?) what a great time ... sorry Daniel
    have fun club racing had a blast can't wait till I crash again next year
    drink some beer and kick some ass .... looks like Im almost outta beer! skipped the beer and went straight to the DON

    Had lots of fun, didn't spend a ton of money, walked away from my crashes with minor injuries, rode 4 different tracks this year, Actually got 2nd place wood in ulsb

    till next year ........ WOT

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    Originally Posted by hammadown .....
    The rule is:
    If even Zip Tie Alley says, "no you shouldn't use a zip tie on that" you REALLLLLLY shouldn't use a zip tie on that! lol

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    Re: 2008 Riding Season Goals

    Quote Originally Posted by jwm2k3 View Post
    More track days now that I have my own truck.

    Get a 3rd bike (another street bike)

    I accomplished both! Yippee!!

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    Its an Italian bike...Ive had (have?) a few

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