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Anyboddy have a grabbit I can borrow?

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    Anyboddy have a grabbit I can borrow?

    according to the repair manual, I need a goofy looking tool called a grabbit to hold the clutch pack in place while I remove the big nut in the middle. Any of you guys either have one I can borrow for a while or know where I can get/order one? Do you think bikeworks or a place like that will have one? Or will I have to like special order it thru a dealer? Thanks.

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    Anyboddy have a grabbit I can borrow?

    I've had good luck using a "right" sized piece of hardwood to jam the clutch pack with.


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    Anyboddy have a grabbit I can borrow?

    I bought mine through a catalog at the dealer. Either Parts Unlimited or Tucker Rocky should carry it.

    The tool is like a pair of vice grips, but the teeth portion is at a 90 degree angle and about three inches long.

    You needed one to remove the clutch pack of a CBR600F2 and many other bikes - I bought it for an F2.

    Be VERY CAREFUL. You risk breaking the long mounts for the cover plate if you don't use this tool properly. You really should use an impact wrench to get the center nut off while doing this job.

    That way, you aren't twisting the pack. Just a quick BRAPPP and it's free.

    ps - don't forget to relase the locking tab first on the nut!

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    you can use rags & a air inpact

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