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Why Do We Buy The Bikes We Do?

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    Why Do We Buy The Bikes We Do?

    heh! heh!

    you said you're a *tool*

    HeH! HeH!

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    Why Do We Buy The Bikes We Do?

    Glad that didn't go unnoticed!

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    Why Do We Buy The Bikes We Do?

    I confess...She came with the Bike...It's the only reason I bought a TLR

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    Why Do We Buy The Bikes We Do?

    I'm a bit late, but this is why I went with twins.

    First my wife is a twin and I have 20 year old twins boys from a different wife,, that said.

    I went with the Futura last summer because Debbie and I do two 9 day Motorcycle vacations every summer. We did the sport bike thing on long trips and wanted to try the Sport tour thing. The bike does what we wanted, and I fell in love with Twins AGAIN..

    That's how the Mille appeared . I just loved the torque, power and the whole V-twin thing. Plus when I saw the silver Mille on the net last November I just had to have it. Debbie said Ok and gave me a pile of $$$$ as an Xmas present, the rest is history.

    After a recent 1800 mile, 7 days of non-stop riding, trip down south ( West Vir, Vir + N.C ) I still love the Twin sound, power, and everything else about it. It's just the balls.....

    Oh yea, this bike is way faster than I will ever go. But it's SOoooo Funnn.

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    Steve D
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    Why Do We Buy The Bikes We Do?

    I bought my bike strictly for the application I feel it was intended for. It's an '02' CBR 600 F4i. I'm into sports that involve manuvering both body and equipment through the given terrain of the sport. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and mountian biking are at the top of my list. All of these sports are fast and demanding and require a high level of concentration and awareness of the changing enviroment. They are very specific with respect to the equipment needed to maximize performance.
    And all of them have a "Lean Factor" which translates into experiencing some "g-force" while carving a turn. The F4i affords good handling, snappy turning, and more than enough power to give me a stiffy in the twisties.

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