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Camera Mounting Suggestions...

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    Camera Mounting Suggestions...

    So I have a GoPro...and can't find anywhere on the R6 to mount it that would give some reference to the bike's position. Ie., not on the front fender facing forwards. Can't see any part of the bike.

    I tried to possibly mount to the tail, yet to get a wide enough field of view to not just see me I would have to move it back far enough that stabilization would be a problem. I tried to look for mounting locations in the cockpit, but my Ohlins steering damper negates any use of the front triple, if I mount it to the face of the tach the camera can't rotate forward enough to have a usable angle, I can't use the top of the tank because it would get in the way of tucking.

    Any suggestions?

    Here is a pic of the areas for reference.

    Tank at full tuck....in the way.


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    Re: Camera Mounting Suggestions...

    You just aren't trying hard enough.

    Go to http://www.rammount.com/Products/Cam...9/Default.aspx (I can't figure out how to send a better link from my mobile device) .

    Pick your camera.

    Pick "Double Arm" as the arm type.

    Pick "Motorcycle" then "Other" as the mount type. Something will work.

    You may have to drill through the faring, but something will work.

    You might also PM evadd. I know he had a camera set up on the tail section of his R1 at the last TTD. I don't know what the footage looked like, but I know there was a camera mounted there.

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    Re: Camera Mounting Suggestions...

    I was going to suggest a chesty, but you get a lot closer to the tank in full tuck than I do on the street.

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