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Why cop bikes on Rt93 South?

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    Hey did you see that cop RevHappy's Avatar
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    Why cop bikes on Rt93 South?

    I was going home from work tonight and cops on bikes where in each 3 lanes holding up traffic going 20mph??? Anyone have a clue why? I saw down the road there was a pack of cop bikes riding together??? Ok who ran from the police =)

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    Why cop bikes on Rt93 South?

    sometimes they do a escort if there is an oversize load. I know early in the am they have been sending down huge concrete spans for the Big Dig.

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    Why cop bikes on Rt93 South?

    *COPS!!!!!!!* are what was making that damn holdup!!!!
    jeeze... i was waiting in that traffic jam forever... there were a few helicopters overhead, i thought there was a real bad accident needing medivac!

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