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did anyone know that...

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    did anyone know that...

    cannondale was making motorcross toys?


    they are really neat too, built-in means for downloading new fuel maps... gear cartridges.... ohlins suspension... fucking aye man...
    i gotta move to the country so i can justify getting one of these things!

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    you can bring it over here

    you can get hurt in my back yard i did every time i went out got rid of that fucking dirt bike

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    did anyone know that...

    Cannondale's bicycle frames are unreal...

    If it weren't for the fact that they're a little more expensive than a Trek with similar components, I would be riding one.

    When you do an A/B comparison with another bike (at least for road bikes) you can feel that more of your power is going to the wheel on the Cannondale... very cool.

    In one of my warped motorcycle daydreams I imagine Cannondale coming out of nowhere to create a "real" American sportbike, with the motorcross bikes and ATVs as a starting point.

    Yah I'm dreaming and it doesn't address the motor issue but wouldn't it be cool?

    Bicycle frames may be pretty different than sportbike frames, but they aren't *that* different, and some of the mountain bikes even have swingarm designs that are similar to a motorcycle. The dirtbikes supposedly handle great, and and they obviously have some serious Aluminum wizards working for them, so I bet they could make some really great sportbike frames after a little learning too.


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    did anyone know that...

    Originally posted by T-595 Greg
    geez dude...

    ya gotta pull your head outta your ass and look around.. Cannondale's been whacking away at MX for a while now.

    cool bikes

    A long while, prob 3 or 4 years now, What I want is...... Fuck can't member the name, it was at Vanson Open house 2001 spring. $ stroke 400 that you can start with your hand sitting on the seat, and to change gears it was like 5 bolts pull out the gears in one piece and put in a different set, so you can go from trails to MX to street all in 10 minutes...... Fuck what was the name of that bike....VOR that's it VOR

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