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Killer Tiller

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    Junior Member JonGold's Avatar
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    Killer Tiller

    Saw this on another forum, thought you guys might like to see.


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    Killer Tiller

    I saw that on SBN today....that thing's sick! The guy apparently (according to someone that knows him) buys trashed bikes, fixes them up, and sells them. He bought that and a gixxer, sold the gixxer for more than he paid for both.....so he got a free TLR to trick out! Sweet sweet sweet!

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    Killer Tiller

    That thing is BAD ASS!! If someone described it to me, I woulda thought it was just some knuckle head tryin' to build a V-twin powered R1. But I gotta tell ya, that thing is nice....

    Wonder what Tully thinks of that R7 tailpiece??

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    Killer Tiller

    I think it looks cool - and I wouldn't mind taking it for a ride. The GRUNT on these twins is something that is just plain FUN!

    That TL-R - while awesome - will be like Jay's in time...but Jay's will retain the cool standard paint scheme! Right Stoneman?

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