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new KTM superduke video

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    new KTM superduke video

    here's the vid that caused a big fuss and KTM pulled it off there web site but being the internet it's now floating all over the place.

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    new KTM superduke video

    Already saw it a while back....have to admit great sell job, makes me want to go and get one, too bad they dont advertise in the USA like that......

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    Alt link

    I got a 404 viewing that link. I posted it up here a while back:


    Lawyers, Guns, and Money ...Ah, Screw The Lawyers
    ktm web-ad pushes many envelopes
    by dean adams
    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    Just when you thought corporate lawyers and, well, sanity had prevailed in the motorcycle advertising world, along comes an ad that dispels all of that.

    The new KTM SuperDuke "streetfighter" ad is getting a lot of buzz on the information super hi-way this week. The 990cc v-twin powered bike is presented by KTM in sort of a music video format with bike and rider doing almost a litany of indescribably illegal acts on the street to a Megadeath-style soundtrack (with multiple F-bombs, by the way) and with even, dare we say it, borderline homo-erotic images of two shirtless men rolling around on the ground "fighting". All with nary a sole professional rider on closed course, always wear a helmet, etc" boilerplate stuck on it. Viable question: Does KTM even have a lawyer?

    Knowing the legal climate in the US, you can rest assured that they soon will.

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    new KTM superduke video

    Makes me one one

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