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How many miles?

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    How many miles?

    My 1986 Kawasaki Concours hit 100,000 miles a couple days ago and my 2001 ZX9R hit 45,000 miles last week.

    The Conk has had loads of problem as one would expect from such an old machine that's had several owners and multiple drops. I don't really mind, it's easy to work on and I bought a parts bike a few years ago that proven to be a great investment. I have actually made a profit from owning a pair of Concours. the 86 is also in better shape than it was when I bought it 8 years ago with 58,000 miles too. Presently, it runs and operates perfectly.

    I have owned the 9R since it was a new leftover in 2002 and it's only required maintenance. It has had ZERO defects. What a great daily rider that bike has turned out to be. I get 42-46 MPG consistently, change the Mobil 1 oil every 6000 miles or so, adjust the valve lash every 15,000 miles (probably go 30,000 miles before I check it again, they seem to have stabilized), perform a few other scheduled tasks now and then; replace wear items, and spoon tires on it at an absurd rate.

    Love to hear some other stories...

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    How many miles?

    I just hit my second kilostone on my SV, 200,000 kilometers (124,375miles) a couple days ago

    in 2 weeks, I'm headed on my annual to Deals Gap, I will probably ride about 4,000 miles that week

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