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Mount Washington Excusion...

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    Mount Washington Excusion...

    I just got in from a nice ride... Left Westford at 8am rode up to Lake Winni,, Through Center Barnstead, Alton and Wolfenboro, up around Conway, did the Auto Road, (perfect day for it CLEAR !!! ) back across the Kank, Slabbed it a little and then around Newfound lake and home.. all and all Just over 7.5 hours 342 miles.... Time for a cold beer and an advil

    Heres the Summit and the parkinglot View on Mt Washington. Mount Washington Excusion...-summit-jpgMount Washington Excusion...-parkinglot-view-jpg

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    Re: Mount Washington Excusion...

    When its clear its the best

    hope to hit it on the campout maybe on the way up 8-3 if its clear

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