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Ninja full fairing

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    Ninja full fairing

    Now that I've just picked up my bike, I'm thinking of putting a full fairing on it. There is one available thru Air Tech but they only have it for the 250. Does anyone know if this would fit the 500? If not, why? Any other ideas out there for where I could find one...?

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    Ninja full fairing

    Congrats on the bike!!!

    My wife rides a 96' EX... same bike just different color... we have the lower that Greg pictured... that one is actually from Lockhart.... it works good... but like he said it is a pain to get on and off.... and she does complain about the heat when we're sitting at an idle for too long....

    The Targa lower looks a little different... the vent is a lot larger on the lockhart... which I liked...

    Targa Lower

    Lockhart Lower The 99' would be the same color for your bike...

    It definately gives the bike a more finished look....


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    Ninja full fairing

    I think you can get one from any kawasaki Dealership because It was like a option or something when I was at a kawasaki dealership.

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