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Oil on tires?

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    Oil on tires?

    When the flatbed came to pick up my bike it must have had a pool of oil on it because when my bike came home the tires were covered with heavy oil like 90 weight. At first I thought the bike had a broken cover but all is well. My question is : should I replace the tires or will they be OK? I wiped them down and they seem dry but I'm not too sure, What is your opinion?

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    Oil on tires?

    Don't use any solvents on the tires, but a good grease cutter like simple green and a scrub brush should do ya...Either that, take some speedy dry or cat litter, and work it into the oil spots, should adsorb anything left over. As long as the tires weren't soaking in the oil for like a week or something, I don't think there would be a problem, if you cleaned them up.

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