Hello fellow NESRians,

Through my involvement, off and on, the last few years in this community -- in real life and virtually -- some of you may know that I've worked in the non-profit world for most of my career. Since graduating college in '04, I got involved with non-profits (purely by chance) and here it is 7 years later, and I've moved up and around the industry. Certainly has it's pros and cons, just like any other job, but I love the people I work with, and the fact that I'm working to make a difference everyday.

That said, in my current job, I manage two fundraising events, and have been given the 'go ahead' to pilot a third -- which I want to pull together a charity bike run.

I've ridden in some, but I haven't managed or put one together. I wanted to reach out to this community of bikers to solicit your thoughts: If you've ever put together a charity bike run, helped at one, etc. - what was involved, soup to nuts? Is this a good idea? Bad idea? What do you like about these sort of things, what do you hate about these sort of things?

As far as the 'event' goes, I'm thinking people arrive, register (or are pre-registered), can choose to fundraise additionally to their registration fee, go on the ride, end with a BBQ/Party that is family-friendly.

I would appreciate any input and advice!

- HP