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let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    Still, the point remains. Chip, who works for Ron Ayers Motorsports, told me about a customer that lied to him regaurding his son's skill level while buying a big bore sportbike. The kid took out three cars in the dealership parking lot, totaled the bike.

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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    i think it's kind of an "innocent until proven guilty" thing.

    everyone knows i'm slow... but they also know i don't ride like i'm fast, don't try to keep up. i know that someone'll be waiting if the group loses me... and i also try to guage the general pace a ride's gonna be, and avoid the "fast" ones.
    my way of staying outta trouble.

    or... trying to, anyway.

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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    Originally posted by criminalspeed
    My advice is to take a track class. You won't believe how far the limits of your bike will go! It opened my eyes!
    Well said. Take your bike to the track and you won't believe what it'll do for you. No matter how boring or lame you thought it was beforehand, you'll be humping its leg and kissing it for weeks afterwards....

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    I Dance With Will
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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    this is also a good comment from http://www.powersportsnetwork.com/en...=7144&veh=5924

    From that article:
    I recently purchased a new 600f4i (red/silver) and can't brag it up enough. I mean, holy sh@t, do you really need anything faster? I'm a big guy - 227lbs, so you'd think I'd need something like a 954 or RC51 or something. Not a chance. With the thousands I saved going with the little guy, I'm willing to overlook the 0.2 second difference to 60mph and 0.5 second difference in the quarter-mile. I'm sorry, but as for top speed -- Who cares? I had her up to 140mph and a bug nearly ended my life! Seriously though, back to the subject at hand. Yeah I'm cheezed that they made something better already - only because it's not gonna help my resale. I'm giving the F4i FIVE STARS, so if the RR is better still -- is there a six star option? By the way, does anyone know where to find some good quality pics of a red/silver '02 f4i?

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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    Yip. Here's a picture of mine.



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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    I like you started on a 600. Sometimes it seems a little week around town. That would be my primary reason for wanting a litre bike.

    Whenever I start thinking I'm in need of more bike I just get out of the city in the twisties. My 600 screams up top. There is no denying how fast the current 600's are.

    Either way I wont be getting rid of my bike any time soon. I am still paying it off and wouldn't be able to get enough for it to buy a new one. I'd prob buy a second bike before I sold my 600. Something a little more comfy for long distance treks.

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