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poker run gone bad

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    poker run gone bad

    Sunday, April 02, 2006 An Augusta man died and several people were injured in a wreck Saturday involving about 10 motorcycles and a car near the Columbia-McDuffie county line.

    Officials from Columbia and McDuffie counties and the Georgia State Patrol investigate a wreck involving a car and about 10 motorcycles that killed one and left several injured.
    Click photo for optionsThe accidents occurred at about 11 a.m. over a quarter-mile stretch on County Line Road between Watson Bailey and Miles roads, Columbia County emergency dispatchers said.

    County Deputy Coroner Vernon Collins identified the dead man as Wayne Leroy Malick, 52, of the 800 block of Brookfield Parkway in Augusta. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:45 a.m., Mr. Collins said.

    An autopsy is scheduled today because charges might be pending, Mr. Collins said. He would not comment on what those charges might be.

    Witnesses said at least 40 motorcyclists - and perhaps as many as 70 from various clubs - had joined the group taking part in a Relay for Life cancer benefit ride that started at Harlem United Methodist Church.

    They were traveling north on County Line Road toward Wrightsboro Road, said Robert Mills, a rider from Harlem.

    "This is like a damned nightmare," he said. "We were trying to do something good and this happens."

    There was a collision between a motorcycle rider, who was one of the first bikes in the group, and a southbound Buick LeSabre. After that collision, witnesses said, the Buick continued along County Line Road and struck another group of oncoming motorcycles, according to police at the scene.

    Mr. Malick was involved in that second part of the wreck; two other men involved in that collision were taken by helicopter to Medical College of Georgia Hospital, police said. Many other riders also were taken to hospitals, emergency officials said.

    The driver of the LeSabre, a young woman whom police did not immediately identify, was not injured, nor was a toddler riding in the back seat, officers said.

    Alan Coleman, a rider from Harlem who was behind the group involved in the second crash, said he came upon a scene of destruction when he cleared a rise.

    "By the time we came up, they were piling up, motorcycles everywhere in pieces, boots (scattered)," he said. "It don't add up. We're doing a charity event for cancer, and something like this happens."

    The Georgia State Patrol is investigating with assistance from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, sheriff's Staff Sgt. Tim Perry said.

    When asked for an official statement, Trooper First Class Powell Paul said he was not authorized to give one.

    Sgt. Perry Hobbs, who is in charge of the investigation, said Saturday night that authorities were still trying to determine what happened.

    Reach J. Scott Trubey at 868-1222, ext. 109, or jeffery.trubey@augustachronicle.com

    From the Sunday, April 02, 2006 edition of the Augusta Chronicle

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    poker run gone bad

    That is really awful.

    Just judging by that picture, and the description in the article, it seems like a certain cager will be spending some time in prison.

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    poker run gone bad

    that is seriously fucked up.... wow, that's just horrible.

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    poker run gone bad

    That's awful - unbelievablely stupid cager!

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    poker run gone bad

    JFC!! Look at the damage to that cage! Can you imagine what force(s) it took to not only crumple the front end of that car, but to shear off the entire outer skin to the front passenger door? Those poor bastards. Dont know what she was doing to cause the wreck, especially with a child onboard, but if she is to blame, she fucked up big time. Lock her ass up for a long time if she turns out to be at fault. RIP to the killed rider. I wonder what they have in mind by saying An autopsy is scheduled today because charges might be pending, Mr. Collins said. He would not comment on what those charges might be.

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    poker run gone bad

    Wow, that is fucked up.

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    poker run gone bad

    Something sounds odd about this too. Not just how fucked up it is but something doesn't seem to fit.

    I wonder if it was some douchebag just being an ass, like driving w/o a license and takes off cause of that then while looking int he rearview hits the next group or if it was something like a medical thing. Something just doens't seem to add up with this.

    Terrible thing none-the-less. Trying to do a benefit ride and people get hurt and die - totally fucked up.

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