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Probably one of the coolest jobs?

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    Probably one of the coolest jobs?



    Honda R&D Americas, Inc. is a leader renowned for innovation, endless capabilities and the highest quality imaginable. Our commitment to the highest standards in the industry has resulted in our groundbreaking success. Consider joining us in one of the following positions at our Motorcycle Division in Torrance, CA.


    You will test and evaluate on-road motorcycle products/components. Duties include providing technical input for product development and supporting product planning and market research. Requires a BS in Engineering or a related background, technical experience and PC proficiency in word processing/spreadsheets. An understanding of Honda’s and competitors’ product lines and technical terminology is essential, as are skilled level on-road riding experience. You must have a proven mechanical aptitude. Ability to travel is also necessary.

    Our company offers a competitive compensation and benefits package in a dynamic work environment with career growth potential. For consideration, please send your resume to: Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Human Resources Dept., 1900 Harpers Way, Torrance, CA 90501. Email: personnel@hra.com or Fax: (310) 781-5677. Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    Probably one of the coolest jobs?

    What a kick-ass job!

    They can probably find some qualified people willing to work for close to nothing.

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    Probably one of the coolest jobs?

    i *knew* i shoulda taken more Mech-E in school.

    stupid effing computers.

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    yep the only thing

    seen all kinds of stuff looks like fun truck driving for 1 . once you do it for work it sux stuck testing mopeds.

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