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Any recomendations for bike alarms?

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    "aaah!" Matt K's Avatar
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    Any recomendations for bike alarms?

    I'm kinda tired of people messing with my shit, and I wouldn't mind a little more piece of mind when I have to leave the bike on the street... Any good/bad experiences?

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    Any recomendations for bike alarms?

    I always thought of them as a creative way to waste money. Buy a kill switch and wire it in somewhere that is difficult to see. You'll have better luck.

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    Any recomendations for bike alarms?

    Check out this link,


    Whats nice is it has a remote pager where you can shut off the siren if you like so that you can catch them screwing with it.

    Have it on my bike haven't had any problems with it. But Just remember if they want your bike they are going to throw it in the back of a truck and go alarm or not.

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    Any recomendations for bike alarms?

    If your really paranoid go with both the commercial alarm and home rigged kill switch.

    Problem with most commercial systems is that good theives can work around them. Problem with home-rigged kill switches is that you have to [conspicuously] reach to whatever secret location it's at and enable it.

    Kind of like mall parking lot car shoppers, thieves like to hit the goods just after spotting you park the vehicle and walk out of sight.

    It may be overkill, but that's how I'd do it. Of course chains are excellent too.


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    Any recomendations for bike alarms?

    if all you need is an alarm and not all the fancy schmancy schit,

    Check out gorilla alarms, at parts411.com. a good alarm for cheap for like $60. Includes current sensor, tilt sensor, and shock sensor.

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