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Does anyone remember Bridgehampton Raceway?

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    Does anyone remember Bridgehampton Raceway?

    Scotty mentioned Lime Rock Park on on another thread, Does anyone remember This track?
    Was out in Long Island New York, The AAMRR roadracing circuit used to run at Loudon and Bridgehampton. There was sand everywhere! Except on the track....

    Degsy, you would have loved this track...Big MPH. we used to gear down for this track, and gear up for Loudon..

    Sad to say it's a friggen Golf course now....

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    Does anyone remember Bridgehampton Raceway?

    I raced many a ferrari at the Bridge.. Turn 1 off camber down hill to the right into the thunder valley ( who had the biggest balls and not dare lift) and then the Valley of lefts.. Great track missed dearly. The only track in the NE where I could see an honest 140 MPH out of my RX-7 maxed out in 4th breathing really hard.

    Had a race prepped 308 GTB upto about 155 or so but thats what happens when you have 500 HP from a twin turbo 3.0 litre V8. Got passed by a Camel light GTP car doing 175 like I was sitting still.

    1 fond Memory of the bridge.. (inner thought) Ok brakes.. turn in.. power.. power.. counter steer.. Nice neutral drift.. DEER!! oh shit!! BIG DEER.. Ok.. next corner.. apex.. power.. power..

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    Does anyone remember Bridgehampton Raceway?

    Some of my best memories are of "The Bridge". I pass the entry gates a few times a week and it's sad to think I'll never be on that track again. I do have 2 big chunks of it in my garage though . I live ten minutes from the track, when they broke up the pavement I hopped the fence & grabbed the biggest pieces I could carry. :D

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