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Rider down

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    Rider down

    I'm reposting this from a music forum I moderate; definitely relevant here.


    On Friday, October 26, 2007: Adam Lepak, 18 years of age, and drummer of the band Sacred Pledge from Auburn New York, was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident.

    Adam was transferred from Syracuse to a specialized treatment center in Baltimore about 3 weeks after the hit.
    Unfortunately one month later, Adam still lies in hospital suffering from a coma. Due to minimal signs of improvement, his family has decided to transfer him yet again, to a facility in New Jersey.

    As we all know, medical expenses in America are extremely high, and to make matters worse, the cost of gas seems to be rising by the week, possibly by the day. The medical bill expenses and the worry Adam's family is enduring, just isn't fair.

    Adam, his friends, and mostly his family need our support more than ever. He's a bright young man who has such a future ahead of him.
    During such a crucial time of year, please help show through the hardcore community that we are still a family.

    Please show your support through any small donation. Every penny goes such a long way.

    King of Kings will be accepting donations for Adam at their merch table at all upcoming shows starting this Saturday December 1st.
    Please also take note of the Benefit show being held for Adam on December 28th in Auburn New York. There will be an auction for all sorts of merchandise, a 50/50 draw, and baked vegan goods will be available throughout the show.
    If you're unable to make it to any of the KOK shows, and would still like to donate, feel free to contact Adam's Cousin, Bryan Hotaling (aka: xBryanhoodsx)
    AT: bhotaling82@yahoo.com or

    MySpace.com - xBryanHoodsx - 25 - Male - YourDeadCokeHead, New York - www.myspace.com/xDESTROYERx

    Also feel free to PAYPAL Bryan at: moshdestroykill@yahoo.com

    All proceeds will be going directly to Adam's family.
    Every bit counts, and we fully thank every last one of you for taking the time to show any consideration.

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    Rider down

    horrible news and best of luck to him. Its a reminder that not having health insurance and taking part in a potentially dangerous sport like riding a m/c aren't a great mix.

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