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seen any bikes?

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    seen any bikes?

    I really want to be able to get a bike by summer, I will have enough money by then. I want a suzuki gs500, and keep looking in cycle trader, local sites, etc..have yet to find any. Hoping to find one from 500 to 1500. I have "mechanical" skills, so if it needed a little work I could get it earlier if its cheaper and get it running good while I get enough money for gear insurance and the RI msf class... Seen any? or if you do email me, or IM me, or something, I just reaaaaally want one

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    seen any bikes?

    I will keep my eyes open.

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    seen any bikes?

    You should also keep your eye on Ebay. I got a 2002 Ninja 500 through Ebay for $1200. The only damage to the thing is some missing plastic and I need to replace a mirror. There is absolutely NO damage mechanically. It only has a little over 700 miles on it too, so it's not even fully broken in. I had my eye on plenty of bikes, so I'm sure you can find a steal through there...

    Just another option to consider. Good luck in your search and keep us informed when you find one!

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    seen any bikes?

    Hey how about a ........
    1993 Katana 600

    1993 suzuki katana 600
    7100 miles
    extra brand new set of dunlop 204 sportmax (not mounted on the bike)
    extra oil filter.
    Tank bra

    My wife wanted to get into motorcycling, and after a year decided that she would be better suited for a dirt bike, so we are selling the street bike to help finance the dirt toys.

    The forks , and front rim have been replaced as a result of the "learning curve" or should I say more specifically a 10mph lowside into a curb.

    The body work is not pretty but the bike runs really well.

    Make a resonable offer..............
    I don't have any pics but I am located in marlborough ma if you want to look at it.

    email : lsbradley@attbi.com

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    seen any bikes?

    Might want to consider a Bandit 400 too. They are a bit quicker than a GS500, are liquid cooled, have a great 4 cylinder sound and cost about the same as a similarly aged GS500. I'd sell you mine but I like it too much...

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    seen any bikes?

    I just want something that I can start out on that will keep me happy for a while. I was set on a gs500, but have been looking further into it, and am open to others now. I want to learn how to ride good, and eventually do some track days, and hopefully go to a race school. This is obviously not all within the first year, but I want to learn right the first time. Plus I don't have the biggest budget, so I want something I can afford easily at first.

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