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Superhawk - a distant memory...

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    Superhawk - a distant memory...


    It was weird seeing the picture on the home page of the site with Jay and the HAWK. That seems like so long ago! Funny how a new bike will totally change the way you feel about the sport, and make you forget all of the other stuff (and old bikes, etc.)...

    That pictue will be a classic, and will always give the Stoneman something to count his blessings with...YOU GO JAY!

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    Superhawk - a distant memory...

    hehehe....I was commenting to Jen last night that Jay's gonna get mad that he's in the pic on the very first page. It was funny to look at that bike in the same context as his RF900....like that was LAST year or something.

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    Superhawk - a distant memory...

    You guys kill me! What's gonna be more classic is the photos of me trashing the thing at Stonnerstock '01!!!

    Funny how things work though. I wouldn't suggest it, but wadding my bike through trees at roughly 50-60 MPH has actually turned out pretty good for me. Yeah, it took a year and some trial and error. But I now finally have the bike I've wanted for years!!

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