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Time for a change?

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    Re: Time for a change?

    I have a 2009 Triumph Tiger.
    I installed lowering plates for the back that dropped it about 30mm and lowered the front about 20mm.
    I'm 5'11" with a 30" inseam.

    I have an extra set of lowering plates so let me know if that is the route you decide to go.
    I also installed risers on the handlebars so that they are about 30 mm higher.
    I am very comfortable on it. I have been on all day rides without so much as a twinge.

    I love riding it and have put over 9000 on it in the year that I have owned it.
    LOTS of low end torque. Large powerband. The 1050 engine sounds great.
    Smooth at high speeds. Very agile. Room for extra crap.
    The stock wind screen is a bit noisy but I replaced it with an adjustable bracket to solve that.

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    Re: Time for a change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken C View Post
    The 2000 Sprint I currently own has bar risers, but is a long reach. For some reason, though the ergonomic position isn't bad at all. The seat is pretty good and it's got a low seat height. ...and I get 49-52 mpg. What I don't like is the gruff engine. I learned that I like smooth running motors (I-4).

    FYI, I'm 5'9"

    Gruff engine? Really? I guess coming from the SV the triple seems smooth as silk to me. Or maybe the 1050 is smoother than the 955. Either way I've been very happy with the mill in my ST.

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    '06 Triumph Sprint ST ABS
    '90 Yamaha XT350

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    Re: Time for a change?

    Must be that the 1050 is smoother (I did hear this somewhere). But mine is like a tractor motor.

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    Re: Time for a change?

    I love my Shadow Sabre. It's about 650 lbs, but it's nimble. Comfortable to ride. Shaft driven. Keep gas in the tank, air in the tires and change the oil every couple or years or 8000 miles.

    I still need my Super Hawk to have some fun, but the Shadow is nice for commuting and relaxing.

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