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I have had better luck with sport touring compound tires (D220)in the cold than with "stickier" sport tires (D208's). 208s never get up to the higher operating temps they are designed for, while 220s are designed to work at lower tire temps.

Obviously at 70F you have the other side of the coin revieled.
Stock Dunlops on the SV suck purple monkey butt.
At first I wondered what was the big deal, rubber is
rubber, right?

After one lowside and 4 close calls, my answer is
bullsh!t. There is no warning when that tire is going
to let go. As far as I am concerned Pilot Powers or
Azaro's or any other sticky tire is the way to go.
Less overall mileage, but the security and confidence
is much higher and for me there is no price for that.