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Trailer Truck hits bike on Dragon

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    Trailer Truck hits bike on Dragon

    BULLETIN TUESDAY MAY 23 -Tractor trailor hits motorcycle on the Dragon. Shortly after noon the north bound Harley encountered the truck in a corner and hit the rear trailer. Rider was flown to UT with multiple injuries. As is usually the case the truck driver did not know how twisty the road was and did not heed the small warning signs posted in Tennessee. Another wreck later in the afternoon invovled a pick-up and cycle. Minor injuries to the rider. PLEASE RIDE SAFE

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    Trailer Truck hits bike on Dragon

    I'm sure they all claim they didn't know. just like the guy me and clayton led down only to see him go flying back up a couple hours later.

    They should really put a ban on trucking through there, just like storrow drive or rt16. how many people have to die before that happens?

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    It's all water under the bridge, and we do enter the next round-robin. Am I wrong?

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