Got back from the motorcycle auction in Vegas this weekend.
Wow what a cool time. All kinds way cool bikes and some
good deals too. I put some pics on my webshots page:
I even could resist and bought something myself.
The pics of the 1981 BMW R80GS/PD are my new bike
It'll be here in a few weeks, oh I can't wait.
But because of it my VFR has got to go NOW!
Details 1995 VFR 750, 33K miles, 2 bros pipe,
Metz Sportech tires, $3500. Cash talks!!!
I also have the 40 liter hard bags I'll include for $300.
If anyone is seriously interested make an offer.
I NEED the MONEY. Bike is in Vermont.
And if you'd like to see some
of the other stuff I didn't take pics of
the Auction was put on by www.midamericaauction.com
Happy Tuesday
Jon Sutton