I just went to drop off film for development. Took a little ride afterward.

It was generally a shitty ride. Too hot, and there isn't a single road within 10 miles of my office that hasn't been ripped up for construction in the last year and sloppily re-paved. Everything is like washboard surfaces with dirt and potholes everywhere.

I went a little ways and then came back on the highway. The offramp has massive frost heaves, so it's pretty exciting. At like 45mph the bike will shake the handlebars when it hits them, so I don't exactly have the nuts to go fast around it.

But today I leaned off a little, that helped, and then I came to the end and the light was green so I just took the 90 degree left turn without slowing down much at all. I maybe entered at 35mph, and I just accelerated a teeny bit. I'm finally remembering to put the ball of my foot on the peg when I turn hard, but yet I still felt something weird this time.

I get to the office and look down and the peg is still virgin-smooth but the gear shift lever has a decent gouge out of it. I never would have expected that. I obviously wasn't shifting in the middle of the corner.